Thursday, March 6, 2014

He's Off Hiatus (and Sent Me Some Cards)

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted Tony, who had been on hiatus from the collecting world, but is back in the hobby- and blogging about it here- and welcomed him back into fold by sending him a Robin Yount SP variation from 2010 Topps. In return, Tony sent a PWE full of Braves goodies...

1992 Fleer #367 Armando Reynoso
Don't 'cha just love how that name sounds? Arrrrrmando. Rrrreynooooso. It rolls right off your tongue. And, (according to Wikipedia- so it must be true) he was also the last Brave to wear the number 42 before it was retired by MLB.

He might not have produced eye-popping stats, but he found a way to keep his team in the game- giving them a chance to win. He finished over .500 for his career  and was only below-.500 in four of his twelve seasons. That's what a pitcher is supposed to do (give his team the chance to win).


1989 Fleer Braves team Sticker

Woo-hoo! Who didn't love these stickers back in the day? These things had team history on their backs, so they were too good to stick on something. Well, you had to keep at least one.

1990 The Rookies #46 Greg Olson

Double your pleasure: a long-shot to make the majors in one of the best boxed sets ever made. The Rookies sets may have been overproduced, but they were pretty dang cool. Three things- no, four- I will remember from Olson's career: 1- he somehow went from being fifth on the organizations depth chart to being a 29 year-old All-Star during his 1990 rookie campaign. 2- "The Leap" into John Smoltz' arms following the win to clinch the West in '91. 3- The horrific injury in 1992 as Ken Caminiti  imitated a freight train- running over Olson, who suffered a fractured leg and a dislocated ankle. 4- Riding on the back of Deion Sanders following the Braves winning the pennant in 1992.

1992 Conlon Collection #545 Doc Gautreau

Gautreau was a popular figure in Boston, despite not being a "star." His claim to fame: stealing home twice in a game on September 3, 1927; the feat would not happen again until 1958.

2013 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #32 Carlos Salazar Auto (140/635)

Saving the best for last...Salazar was the Braves Third-Round draft pick last year and possesses a power arm. With a fastball that sits in the mid-90s and a slider that could develop into an out pitch, Carlos will be an interesting prospect to follow. He's still young (barely 19) and raw, but he projects to be either a mid-rotation starter or a power arm out of the pen.

Thanks Tony, for not only these cards, but the others you sent as well. And go check out his blog, everybody!


  1. Glad you liked them! I wish I didn't have to work next Wednesday, because Dale Murphy, Phil Niekro, and, er, Kevin Harvick are making appearances to sign autographs at the first three Ollie's Bargain Outlets (I don't know either) here. Of course the one reasonably close enough to ask my wife to go is Harvick and not the Murph or Phil...

    1. It's probably a good thing I don't live there, or I'd always want to be at the games or the auto signings. My wife would probably never see me!