Monday, March 24, 2014

What I Miss About the 80's...'s not the parachute pants, big hair or 'coache's cleats.' It's not valley girls (like, totally!), bright clothes or leg warmers. I certainly enjoyed many things from that decade: music and sports, among others- but what I'm referring to are things that fall into the world of collecting 1980s baseball cards.

As I was going through some of my collection last night, I began taking a mental inventory of some of those things we have since seen kicked to the wayside (or, so it seems).

Great Set Designs from Topps
I can honestly say that the 80s was the only decade which I liked every design that Topps put out for its flagship set. There's not a one that sucked.

Mesh Hats
Absolutely glorious. These were found upon the players' melons in Spring Training, and you could bet that Topps would include them on card. Only headwear better than these were the ones with foam on the front. I don't recall major leaguers wearing them.

Green Cardbacks 
I'm not going to say that all of today's cards need to have simplistic card backs- but it would be nice to see an entry-level set with green (or red, clay, etc) on the back. I guess that's what Archives (and, eventually, Heritage) is for.

Broken Monopoly 
Don't get me wrong- I do like some of the non-licensed products out there; but still...We saw the breakup of Topps' monopoly at the beginning of the decade and how sweet would it have been if the 2010's could have started out the same way.

                                                             Traded Sets
If it's not in a boxed set, I don't wanna hear it referred to as a traded set. It's high time Topps refers to the current 'Update Series' as the Third Series. Straining at gnats, you say? Absolutely!

In Action
Sure, we have plenty of great action photos today. But nothing replaces this awesome subset! 

                                                           Logo on the Ball
How many times have I looked at the '81 set and not think much about how the Topps name is in the baseball? Not to mention the old-time logo (T with the hook on it) on the back of the cards make for one bad-ass card.

Glossy All-Star Sets
If you collect players or teams from the 80s then you have GOT to have some of these in your collection. Topps has included All-Stars in their more recent Update sets, but c'mon- who wouldn't rather have these bad boys rather than today's offerings?! At the very least, do the NL/AL All-Star 
on the players base cards, like they also did at the time.

Team Batting and Pitching Leaders/Team Checklists
Great part of the collection if you're a team set collector; heck, great card if you collect each year's complete set, as well. 

K-Mart (and other retail) Boxed Sets
I don't know about where you live, but there was a time when the 'twin-cities' where I live did not have a Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer, Shopko or any other large 'all-encompassing' department store besides K-Mart and Woolworths. It just so happens that both distributed special 'boxed sets' produced by Topps for them. Have any of the previously mentioned stores done that? (Well, Target did a Dodgers set,!) I didn't think so.

One other thing (although it's not something I necessarily miss):
We can thank the 80s for the ridiculous mascot cards that we have today. Huh? Well, remember this one?

Do you have any favorite things about cards from the 80s that I missed?

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  1. The one thing from the 80s that I like that I'm not sure has continued (it has in some places but it has not in most) are the police cards. The Dodgers (I believe) started the trend, and I think nearly every team had them.

    The other one that I feel like stopped in the mid-90s were finding cards in random places in the grocery stores -- you know, buy pizza/potato chips/Jiffy Pop popcorn and get a card (licensed or otherwise). I love those oddball sets.