Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Base(ball) Oddity #4: 1982 K-Mart #43 Hank Aaron

In a set which celebrated their twentieth anniversary ('62-'82), K-Mart issued a card commemorating Hank Aaron's record-breaking 715th home run. The boxed set contained forty-four cards (they should have had Hank as #44, but I guess they're smarter than me), each featuring an NL MVP, AL MVP, or a special card, such as the Aaron, which celebrated certain accomplishments of each select player.

Well, today marks the 40th anniversary of the Hammer's famous home run, so number 43 will be the card featured in tonight's post.

Take a look at the '82 K-Mart set and you will notice that almost all of the cards feature a replica of the Topps card from the year that each respective player won the MVP. The exceptions being the cards for 1962 NL MVP, Maury Wills, and the 1975 AL MVP, Fred Lynn- neither of whom had cards in their MVP years.

The three record breakers featured in the set (Aaron, Rose, and Drysdale), to me, stand out for the unique designs used by Topps and would be the only ones I would chase after for my collection. Unless, of course, they created one for Aaron's 1957 NL MVP- I'd be all over that one. Dang K-Mart; why couldn't they have been celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 1982?!

Here's a gem: Vin Scully's call of Henry's 715th Home Run

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