Sunday, April 13, 2014

Base(ball) Oddity #5: Hooray for Hollywood!

For years I have heard about, but had never ordered from, Burbank Sportscards- the 'Sportscards Superstore' that claims to have the 'World's Largest Selection' (40 Million cards in stock). Articles have been written about them and complaints are plenty on the forums (or, so I read while googling them- I don't participate in the online forums), so I decided to check out their site recently. After all, with that kind of an inventory, they're bound to have a significant number of cards that I need.

Located near Hollyweird, the city of Burbank, California is also the home to many media and entertainment companies (hence the city's nickname, "The Media Capital of the World"), as well as the Bob Hope Airport. With the city being synomynous with entertainment, what a perfect place to operate your Sportscard Superstore!

As a Braves fan during their not-so-glory years, our hope was in a Bob Horner homer. And thanks to the Veres', I now have a few more Bobs to add to the collection. Hoooooooooooray for Hollywood Burbank!

 The original '91 Fleer. Yowza!!!

Too much blue for one card. Where's the yellow?

Of course, once Dale broke out, he was the man. Once again, like the '82 Drakes card, there's just too much yellow. Who designed these things, anyway?

2005 Topps Finest #164

How this thing flew under my radar, I'll never know. I only discovered it as I was pursuing the Dale Murphy cards in the Burbank database. I'm not a huge fan of the retired players in recent products (save the Topps base variations), but this one was a welcomed addition.


  1. Glad you had a positive experience with them. I've only dealt with them once. A few weeks ago I purchased a Ken Griffey Jr. autograph on eBay from them. Unfortunately they happened to sell it on their Beckett site at the same time. I was not amused... but they were willing to give me some store credit, so I grabbed a nice Kaline autograph and took a partial refund.

    Btw... that scanner in the video is awesome! 40 scans in a minute? I want one!

    1. I look at that scanner, and think, "it's bound to mess up some of the cards." Hope it doesn't!
      Sorry to hear about that experience on Ebay. That's one thing I've always been leery of: cross-selling of inventory on multiple websites. Has to be at least somewhat common.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Can you imagine scanning some vintage Mantles and the scanner jams up? I guess I'd start out by testing some extra 1991 Fleer I have laying around.