Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beats a Blaster

Buyer's remorse is something that I'm sure every collector has experienced at one time or another. I mean, who hasn't purchased a box, blaster or pack (especially the expensive kind!) only to later regret it after the thrill is gone? Fortunately this post isn't about buyer's remorse, but rather the avoidance of such regret. 

I recently expressed my love for the 1953 Topps design in a post and decided afterwards that I'd see if there were any good deals on the 'Bay for singles from the popular set. Thankfully, there was a seven-card lot of Braves, six of which I needed for my team set. 

Now around that same time, I had the itch to pick up a blaster of 2013 Archives at Wally World- but instead of buying it (which would surely have brought on buyer's remorse), I decided I'd use the amount that the blaster would cost me as my maximum bid on the vintage lot.

I really didn't expect to win the seven cards. As great a resource eBay is, you've got to remember that there is a legion of collectors you're competing with, and vintage is an especially difficult road to travel. Nevertheless, I threw my hat into the ring and rode it out 'til the end of the auction. As a reward for my self-control (abstaining from the modern wax), I won the 7 cards for a grand total of $17 plus $3 shipping. 

Needless to say, I will not have to worry about buyer's remorse this time.


  1. very sweet. I'm down to needing 5 myself... Mr Crowe there being one of them.