Friday, April 11, 2014

Food-Issue Friday: Mark Lemke. Can. You. Dig. It?

Gangs in the streets. Lookin' for you, looking' for me. Gangs in the streets. Ready for you and they're ready for me. ~ Loverboy (I never thought I'd quote a song of theirs!)

The Warriors are making a comeback. No, I'm not talking about the Bay-area basketball team; nor is there a remake of the 1979 cult classic on its way. The boys are coming out to plaaay in the upcoming 2014 Topps Archives set, which will feature an insert set celebrating the 35th anniversary of the movie Entertainment Weekly once billed as one of the 25 most controversial movies ever made.

I'm not going to go into the plot, but I will say that one of the many gangs in the movie is referred to as the Baseball Furies (or, just 'Furies'- as their uniform backs declare)- a gang of dudes who look like KISS dressed in New York Yankee garb. Silent and creepy, these pantomime punks hit more like the 1990 New York Yankees than the one from the late '70s. 

Mark Lemke was a teenager in upstate New York in 1979. Now, I've never been to the Empire State, but I can only imagine that (culturally) Utica is worlds apart from NYC. Still, I wonder what the Lemmer was like during this impressionable time period of his life. Did he have any interest in gang life? Did he rock out while spinning vinyl discs of the hottest band in the world (and fellow New Yorkers), KISS?!!! I suppose I will never know the answers to these questions- but one thing I do know:

Mark Lemke looks like a badass in this 1990 Dubuque Braves card. 

I mean, throw some paint on his face, replace the idyllic background of the card with the streets of Riverside Park, and what you have is a match made in heaven- or Hell's Kitchen, at the very least.

Mark Lemke. CAN YOU DIG IT?!!!!

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