Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Comic Cards

I hope you don't mind me saying that we collectors are a finicky bunch. Please don't take offense, because I include myself in that statement. We complain about the same old, same old- but when someone does something different, we complain. 

2014 Topps Opening Day Breaking Out #BO-1

One such card design that I'm tempted to complain about is the Breaking Out insert set out of this year's Opening Day product. I call them the "Comic Book Cards." They remind me of something from 1994 Fleer (was it called Pro Vision?)- only with more foil. It was a set that I didn't think too highly of.

Lest I become the 'curmudgeon collector' that I often complain about, I had to tell myself that this is a product directed at kids and that this is something that they (as well as many adults) might like. I don't have to approve of everything that Topps does; they don't have to gear every product towards my collecting preferences. 

If I can get this through my thick skull, well, I might just find a little more enjoyment in the hobby (not that it's really lacking).


  1. I've never held one of these... so the jury is still out for me. However one of the things I've come to realize is... time has a way of changing my mind. There are plenty of insert sets that I didn't like in the 90's... that I love today. If I end up not liking this set... I just need to wait 20 years and I'll probably end up loving it.

  2. I like these. And most inserts in Opening Day. It's the only reason for me to buy OD, because the base set ain't doing it.

  3. dude... you want finicky? Hang out with some hockey card collectors. They make baseball collectors look like free wheeling devil may care hippies.

  4. I agree w/ Owl. I'll grab the team set of the Braves from OD just because, but the inserts are what pulls me in. While I can't say the Breaking Out set is my favorite (it's the 3D set!), I don't find it terrible. Then again I liked Provisions from back in the day...