Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trajectory Trifecta

I spent a good deal of the first decade of the 2000s outside of the hobby. While I did start the new millennium in the hobby, I soon lost interest due to two events: the death of my best friend (and collecting buddy) and then, less than a month later, the birth of my daughter. That was in 2001, and I basically spent the next eight years focused on other things.

One of the trends in the hobby I missed out on during that time (well, I believe it actually started in the late 90s) was the use of thin, white (or silver) lines and circles scattered throughout the design- looking like some kind of circuit board. I'm not familiar with a lot of the releases from that period, so the names of the sets escape me- but one of the sets that comes to mind is the Upper Deck MVP line. I wasn't a fan of the circuit board releases, and I'm still not.

That being said, I recently picked up three cards from 2014 Topps 1, which share a silimar design with those cards from my 'wandering years.' For a set called "Trajectory" I would have like to have seen Topps analyze the trajectory of each player's career. I'm sure there's plenty of advanced metric websites that they could have used for such a purpose. They didn't, so it is what it is.

Yes, the small swatches have worn out their welcome for most collectors- but as long as it's in a base product like Opening Day or even the flagship, I don't have a problem with it. I'm more interested in the photos and designs than the swatch. Besides, I'm looking to pick them up so it can go towards a master team set.

Until now, I haven't pursued any signed cards of El Oso Blanco. His story is great and all, and yes, he does have tremendous power- but I honestly just don't see him being a full-time major leaguer in the long run. I hope I'm wrong. Anyway... $7 was too good to pass it up for, once again, a master team set. The signature is horrible. What's wrong with these guys, anyway? Why can't they take pride in their signature?

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  1. Looks like you and I left the hobby at about the same time and jumped back in at around the same time too. I remember Ionix had this circuit board looking designs as well. But I tend to prefer simple, old school looking designs over the high tech, modern designs.