Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Barely Knew Ya...Matt Sinatro

For someone who spent part of ten different seasons in the majors, former catcher Matt Sinatro had very little to show for it- at least when it came to at-bats. 

Beginning with Atlanta in 1981 as a twenty-one year old rookie and ending in 1992 with the Mariners, Sinatro accumulated only 252 at-bats in his major-league career. I don't know who holds the record for fewest at-bats in a career that lasted 10+ seasons, but I've got to think that Matt ranks in the top 100. 

Matt's perseverance paid off, however, as all those years spent toiling on the bench (as well as in the minors) prepared him for his future role as major league scout and then as a coach on Lou Pinella's staff in Tampa, Seattle and Chicago.

Atlanta Cardboard:
1982 Donruss #149 (RC)
1983 Donruss #622

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