Saturday, May 17, 2014

Base(ball) Oddity #6: Wax Bottom Cards

"Get on your bike and ride!"~ Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls
"Fat Bottomed Girls, they'll be riding today- so look out for those beauties!"~ Queen's Bicycle Race

Classic rock legends Queen released a double A-side single (as opposed to a B-side, where only one song is intended for airplay) for the songs Bicycle Race and Fat Bottomed Girls in October of 1978. If you're a fan of the band, or at least pretty familiar with the songs, you'll remember that each song cross-references the other in its lyrics.

For some stupid reason, Fat Bottomed Girls comes to mind whenever I see the wonderfully odd wax bottom cards that Topps used to put on the undersides of its wax boxes. I guess it's the alliteration of 'fat bottom' and 'wax bottom,' but who knows. I'm not really into chasing fat bottoms- but I do enjoy wax bottoms. What makes collecting the wax bottom cards fun for me is that the company used photos which varied from the player's base card. Two cards, linked together by a design- kind of like the Queen songs being linked through lyrics.

You Say Junk...

A recent COMC purchase added three more to my collection:

1989 Topps Wax Bottom Card #M Bruce Sutter

1990 Topps Wax Bottom Card #D Darrell Evans

1991 Topps Wax Bottom Card #J Dale Murphy

....I Say Wax!!

Base Cards-

Ring, ring!

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