Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cameo Appearance

Every so often card companies produce cardboard which feature players in their former team's uniform- even though they left the organization before the cards were released. A recent example of this is found in this year's 2014 Topps 1, where Brian McCann is listed as an Atlanta Brave even though he had left via free-agency well before the cards hit the secondary market. I refer to these as 'Cameos,' as in: 'making a cameo appearance.'

Stranger yet is today's featured card: an insert depicting Tommy Hanson as a Brave, even though his base Heritage (card #415) has him as an Angel. Hanson was acquired by Los Angeles in a December 3, 2012 trade that sent Jordan Walden to Atlanta. 

Topps obviously had time to include Hanson on a card with his new team's apparel so why didn't they have time to list the new team (along with a photoshop job with the new hat/uniform) on the Clubhouse Collection card? I'm guessing that it's because it is a relic card and they must get the ball rolling on those earlier than the normal base cards. 

What's your theory? Laziness? Oversite? And do you have any similar examples of players having multiple cards in the same set with each showing him with a different team?

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  1. This year's Heritage had a regular card of Carlos Beltran with the Yankees but his refractor has him as a Cardinal. Same kind of thing as the Hanson, I imagine.