Friday, May 30, 2014

Food-Issue Friday: Indigestion. Or, Rickin Frickin Frackin

I originally wrote a lengthy diatribe for today's post, but quickly decided to delete it and allow myself time to calm down before trying to put my thoughts on paper an electronic screen. It's two days later and I'm still pissed...

As readers of this blog know, I have an affection for food-issues, regional sets and garden-variety oddball cards. Even better are Braves regionals, and there are a few that I'm constantly looking for on eBay. One such set is the 1991 Dubuque Braves Standard set (as opposed to the perforated set, which I already own). Singles show up on the auction block from time to time, but my collection is suffering a severe shortage of the delicious delicacy.

A six-card lot of standard '91 Dubuque's (including the John Smoltz I've so desperately searched for) recently popped up on the 'Bay. On the final day of the auction, I outbid the lone competitor and ended up winning the lot for $6, with free shipping.

The 6 cards themselves showed up in a PWE and were in one plastic Card Saver. I would have preferred them to be shipped in a bubble pack, but wasn't surprised since it shipped on the seller's dime. The problem, however, was in how the Card Saver was sealed. The seller used a (free) Priority Mail label. If you've ever used such a thing on the outside of a package, you know they are extremely sticky on the backside. Well, the top card in the stack was the John Smoltz- and the top of card just so happened to have somehow find its way above the ridge of the Card Saver's front (as you know, the back extends higher) and underneath part of the label. Yes, the label was stuck to the top of the card.

Taking the cards out of the Card Saver proved to be difficult- nay, impossible- without the card tearing, which it did. As you can see, the tear runs down from the top of the card to the hat on Smoltz's head. The discoloration along the card top is actually the residue from the label; I was actually surprised that the card didn't tear worse than it did, considering how sticky the labels are.

The middle section is where the card was stuck under the label- and I was able to slice the label only so far without cutting the card and then was basically left to try to lift the label up off the card. SMDH

I contacted the seller and didn't even ask for a refund- I merely suggested he invest in painter's tape to avoid any such future mishaps. His response was insulting- informing me he has sent thousands of cards out (his eBay rating was like, 88) on Sportlots and insinuated that I need to learn how to pull the card out. He said if he had another one that he'd send it out but didn't even offer a partial (like 1/6th = $1). I have yet to leave feedback- but am thinking of leaving very poor feedback.

My question for you readers: how would you handle that?

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