Monday, June 23, 2014

(Chris) Resop's Fables: The Ass, the Fox and the Lion

The Ass (Atlanta Braves) and the *Fox (Kenshin Kawakami), having entered a contractual agreement for their mutual well-being only eighteen months earlier, went to the park one day to play a game of baseball. The Fox didn't get too far into the game, as the Rays of the sun kicked his ass butt. The Ass, down by two runs after five-innings, called upon the Lion (Chris Resop)- who assured them that he did not fear the sun- nor its rays, and that he would save the day. Despite throwing first-pitch strikes to 11 of the 14 rays he faced, the Lion led the Ass into a deep, dark hole, of which it could not get out of. The Ass, seeing that the Lion was no lion at all, but a kitten, kept the feline off the field until it could cut ties with the creature. It continued to keep running the fox out to the bump, however.

Moral of the story: Never trust your reliever. Nor your GM.


One of the goals I have tried to set up for my collection is to attain a card of every player to have donned the red, white and blue uniform of the Atlanta Braves (cards must be of them as a Braves, btw). Obviously, not every player who has made the roster has had a card made of them as a Brave, but it's something I'd like to do.

One player who, as far as I can tell, has appeared on only one card as an Atlanta Brave is Chris Resop. Chris' sole cardboard appearance came as an autographed card in the 2009 Upper Deck Inkredible set. I was actually quite surprised to discover this, as Resop had been with the team since October of 2007, when he had been plucked off the waiver wire from the Los Angeles Angels. That Resop would appear on a 2009 card as a member of the Braves is a mystery, as he was no longer a member of the organization in August of 2008.

The autograph is as ugly as Resop's final appearance in a Braves uniform, when he went 2 innings against Tampa on June 15, 2010. After entering the game in the top of the sixth, and being down by two runs, Chris threw 56 pitches- allowing 5 earned runs while surrendering 5 hits and three walks. By the time he finished the seventh inning, the Braves were down by 7 runs. Pittsburgh would claim him off waivers six weeks later.

Resop almost didn't pitch for the big league club that year. Had he not been called up that day, a stipulation in his contract would have allowed him to opt-out of his deal- rendering him a free-agent. While he had had success for AAA Gwinnett prior to June 15th (5-2 in 13 starts with a 1.84 ERA and 9.9 k/9, 3.3 bb/9), Chris had never had much success in the majors, and probably shouldn't have been added to the roster.

*Kenshin Kawakami signed with the Braves prior to the 2009 season for $23 million over three-years. He appeared in 50 games for the Braves (41 starts) between 2009-2010 and spent the final year at AA Mississippi- where he earned $6.667 Million while going 2-4 with an 8.41 ERA. Sly fox, indeed.

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