Friday, June 20, 2014

Food (er, Soft-Drink)-Issue Friday: 1978 Coca-Cola/WPLO Atlanta Braves

I've been on a crusade of late, looking for a Bob Horner 1979 Hostess card. The search hasn't gone very well, but it did pull up a 'related' item- an eleven card lot of 1978 Coca-Cola/WPLO Atlanta Braves cards. For $1.99, these unique cards became mine.

Measuring 3" x 4 1/4" and printed on a very thin card stock, the set is done in pen and ink and features fourteen cards. I'm not a big fan of oversized cards, but hey- they're oddballs, so I won't hold that against them.

Like most Braves oddball sets, the Dale Murphy is the most popular card amongst collectors- and I certainly want every Murph I can get my paws on- but the Horner is from his rookie season (a 'pre-rookie' card), adding to its coolness.

But perhaps the coolest card is Glenn Hubbard's. Like Horner, Hubbard was a rookie in '78 and didn't appear on major league card until 1979- but here he is, in all his 70's cop-looking glory.

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