Monday, June 2, 2014

Inside the Mind of an eBay Seller

I've been trying to tie up some loose ends lately. You know how it goes: you're trying to finish product X, but need card Y in order to complete it and don't want to pay Z for it. For me, it's been a few special commemorative cards from the last couple of Topps flagship sets. Specifically, the award winner cards.

Anyone who has priced these cards on eBay knows that they typically go for $10-$25, with others going higher. Even a $10 price tag for these is too high for my likes, so I continued to hold out hope that the pricing would eventually come down.

Well, a year later and I still had not had any success in getting either of the two Dale Murphy commemorative cards. I decided that perhaps I needed to start thinking outside the box; I needed to get into the mind of an eBay seller.

One of the secrets of buying on eBay that I have not practiced is the misspelling of an item, hoping that such an error would cause it to have very few views. This stems from my obsession with things needing to be spelled correctly (although I will admit that I'm guilty of misspelling from time to time). Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so spelling rules be damned.

My first entry- "Dale Murph MPV card"- pulled up this hit

**Obviously, this is after the fact- the description is as it appeared on the auction

Bingo. Pretty darn close.

With the auction starting at 99 cents (with $3 shipping for this behemoth), I can't tell you how nervous I was that the bidding would then go beyond the limit I set for myself on this one. Well, my concerns were unfounded: there were no other bids and I got this beauty for a total of $3.99.