Thursday, October 23, 2014

1991 Revisited, Pt. 2

My previous post featured the three main off-season acquisitions brought in by John Schuerholz to strengthen the infield defense. Today's look at the '91 National League Champs will feature the three other guys who made up the infield- each splitting time between the starting lineup and coming in off the bench.

Jeff Treadway
Treadway was always one of those guys you knew would hit well but would also likely be replaced for defensive purposes. Following his playing career, he took what he learned from Bobby Cox as manager and applied it to his new career as a successful coach of both baseball and softball for the Stratford Academy in Macon, Georgia. Prior to that gig, Treadway coached the Macon Braves from 1999-2000

Favorite 1991 Card of Treadway:

This was a tough call. Jeff's Fleer and Upper Deck cards each feature him in a fielding the ball pose and the Donruss card shows him blowing a bubble while at the plate. But it has to be the 1991 Topps card of the second baseman. I mean, you just don't get many of a guy with the donut on his bat.

Jeff Blauser
Another Jeff who also managed in the Braves farm system (AA Mississippi, 2006). And like Treadway, was more known for his bat than his glove. Was a solid offensive player.

Favorite 1991 card of Blauser:

My hatred of this set runs deep- but I really like the photo choice for this one. Eliminate the background, Stan Javier, and the baseball uniform on Blauser, and Jeff would look like he's doing the 'jump up and kick my heels' thing. 

Mark Lemke
It's funny how a player can put up weak numbers during the regular season and then become a Monster during the postseason, but that's Mark Lemke for you. Actually, Lemmer had four really good postseason series at the plate- but I will always remember him as being clutch.

Favorite 1991 card of Lemke:

It's the card that would make any modern analyst shudder. Why give up an automatic out, they say. 

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