Thursday, October 9, 2014

Putting the Band Back Together

I enjoy movies, but to be honest with you...there's very few that I will watch or have watched multiple times. One such movie is the 1980 comedy The Blues Brothers, which also just happens to be one of my all-time favorites (otherwise, why would I have watched it so often).

A few of my favorite scenes in the movie come after Jake has been released from prison and the two decide to put their band back together. There's a problem, however.  Elwood reveals that the other members 'split' and took 'straight jobs.' So the boys' adventure in recruiting their old bandmates begins...

Matt 'Guitar' Murphy was easy to get but...

...getting Mr. Fabulous back into the fold proves to be the most difficult.

Thankfully Elwood and the Lord had an understanding.

Anyway, the recent press conference to announce the firing of Braves GM Frank Wren reminded me (as well as Mark Bradley of the AJC) of some good ol' boys who, as Bradley succinctly puts it, are "more interested in putting the band back together and playing the old hits than moving forward." Like the Blues Brothers, the Braves are gonna perform the same old act, while wearing the same old verkakte suits.

But, hey- there's nothing wrong with nostalgia. Right? We collector's often fall back into the good old days and I've found myself reminiscing of late. So much so that many of my more recent acquisitions have been of Smoltz and Glavine.

Behold- in all their glory!!

Wait- but that's not all!!

I, too, am putting the band back together, so to speak. As in, returning to Blogger. I figured if the Braves can bring back some familiar faces, then what the hell? My experiment with Word Press didn't go as well as I had planned and so Boom Boom Boom- I'm comin' home.

After all, I've always been the type who rather be at a blues club rather than a lounge.

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  1. "The Blues Brothers" has to be the all-time leader in gratuitous destruction of police cars!