Friday, November 28, 2014

Food-Issue Friday: Leftovers

I hope everyone out in cardboard land enjoyed Thanksgiving. You just can't beat a day spent with family and friends, while enjoying good food and football.

Not only have those three things become a tradition for our family every year, but so has the routine of bringing home enough leftovers for another meal or two. Do they taste as good as the fresh food served up on Thursday? No- but they make for a good meal, nonetheless.

Today's featured cards, imported from Canada, are often treated as second-class citizens. Or, for the sake of the food theme, like leftovers.

Perhaps it's because of their size. More likely, it's because they are 'junk era' offerings. And, being Canadian, maybe most American collector's don't even know of their existence.

I picked up the two Braves from the Humpty Dumpty set a few months ago on eBay, and the seller was nice enough to send an additional card- a Devon White.

Featuring full-bleed photos and UV coating, these snack-sized cardboard treasures measure 1-7/16" x 1-15/16" and feature text on the back in both English and French. Statistical information from the 1990-1993 seasons are included on the back, as well as biographical information for the player. Cards were individually wrapped and packaged one per bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips; a complete 50-card set was available through mail in offers.

As for Humpty Dumpty, like I said- it's a Canadian potato chip company that is one of many brands offered by Old Dutch Foods, Ltd. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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