Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gold and Gloves

I hope you didn't read the title for this post as 'Gold Gloves,' thinking that it would be a rundown of the awards handed out recently to the 'Finest' fielders in the majors. While the award seems to have lost some of its luster in the last decade or so, the cards I'm showing off today haven't.

1996 Topps Finest Gold Phenoms #141

The only thing I didn't like about the Finest cards from this time period was the protective film. I dislike it so much that I always peel it off immediately upon receiving these offerings from Topps. I paid about half of what I normally see this card selling for.

1999 Pacific Paramount Fielder's Choice #1 

Die-cuts are always a nice addition to the collection- even when it comes from one of my least favorite manufacturers. It's too bad Pacific didn't stick with the glove theme and include a photo of Chipper in the field. Most of the others I have seen in this set feature position players at the plate (A-Rod being the exception).

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