Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ten Turkeys

Instead of the 'Cards I Am Thankful For' -type of post, I'm going to try something different this Thanksgiving. I'm calling this one 'Ten Turkeys.'

2010 National Chicle Ryne Sandberg
National Chicle was a set that you could both love and hate at the same time, depending on the artwork or the background of the painting.

Gobble Gobble: the modern helmet/jersey. Either the artist was totally oblivious to the fact that the helmet and jersey weren't from the era Rhino spent in the Phillies organization, or he took artist liberty. Either way, it is a fail.

1991 Classic "Future Aces"

Gobble Gobble: Need I say more?

2002 Topps Heritage Stubby Clapp

Gobble Gobble: You know what they say, it's who you know what you are and what you have that counts. His nickname was passed on to him from his father and grandfather, and he reportedly passed it to his one of his children. Like a bad disease.

1981 Fleer Rafael Ramirez

Gobble Gobble: I loved Ramirez during his time in Atlanta, but, dang...not a very flattering photo.

1977 Topps Don Hood

Gobble Gobble: My wife and I love horror movies, and I was recently telling her about a couple of movies that I saw very small pieces of as a child- and that it's amazing that I can still watch any from that genre (the movies were Race with Devil and Motel Hell).

 It's probably a good thing that I didn't have this card during my childhood, because it would have probably scared the hell out of me. Everything about it says, '1970s horror movie.' The dark, murky background, the facial features, not seeing the subject's eyes. Thankfully, I didn't have it; had it found its way into my childhood collection, well, I may not be collecting today.

1992 Bowman Todd Jones

Gobble Gobble: We have all heard the complaints about the cheesy prospect photos from 1992 Bowman, but did you know that Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead is included (or is it Michael Cudlitz, the actor who plays Ford?)

1992 Kellogg's Tom Seaver

Gobble Gobble: It really, really, REALLY pains me to say this but, the 1992 Kellogg's design is an utter failure. Well, let me re-state that: the border for this set failed. I like the stars and everything else about it except the purple things on this one and the blue, pink, and purple stripes on others. I can even live with the standard sized card (although, I prefer the minis).

2013 Fleer Retro Metal Universe Precious Metals Mike Trout

Gobble Gobble: These things were announced as an upcoming release towards the end of 2013 and a year later he have yet to see them. Although, some made their way into the hobby as Promo cards handed out at the Las Vegas Industry Summit. The red and blue backgrounds don't look quite as bad as this green one. What, is Mike doing the morning weather report, or what? It's a good thing he wasn't a member of the 70s Oakland A's. 

2014 Donruss Bat Kings B.J. Upton

Gobble Gobble: So, you want to have a cool insert like Bat Kings in your product? Sounds awesome- only include players who are actually good hitters, which B.J. Upton is not. And it wasn't like he did anything in 2013, either. Like his contract, the inclusion of Upton in this set is a FAILURE!

1977 Topps Tom Banks

Gobble Gobble: What would Thanksgiving be without football? So, here's my obligatory football failure.
Unflattering photos are nothing new, but I've got to tell you- this one has to be one of the worst in the history of sportscards. Banks looks like a mentally ill, homeless man in this photo. I love football cards from this era, but this one is rather bizarre.

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  1. Great post! Good eyes on the Sandberg... that card is truly an epic fail.