Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baseball Bucks

"You're waiting for that deer to make a mistake, like if you're standing at the plate, waiting for the pitcher to mess up. When you're 25, 30 feet up a tree, you're constantly going through your's kind of the same in baseball: 'what's the catcher calling? What's the pitcher thinking?What did he get me out with last time?'"~ Chipper Jones, comparing the experience and skills involved in hunting deer and playing baseball.

At first, I didn't make the connection. It was just another Chipper Jones card- well, not exactly a card; it was more of another oddball item to add to my collection. It wasn't until I sat down to write this post that the lights came on. "Aha! It's the perfect name for an insert set featuring the former Braves star." *I'll also add that it's cool that the denomination in which this appears also happens to be his number.

"Baseball Bucks."

The name has nothing do with the riches the former third baseman accumulated over the course of his twenty-year major league career. Rather, the connection has to do with a life-long passion that has led to a post-playing career in both television and his family's business.

Following his retirement, Jones turned his passion for deer hunting and the outdoors into a role as co-owner and co-host of the Sportsman Channel's program, aptly titled,  Major League Bowhunter. He has also taken on the responsibilities of running the day-to-day operations, as well as lead guests on hunts, of his family's 10,000 acre Double-Dime Ranch in Carrizo Springs, Texas.

As I posted a few days ago,  I'm no hunter. But I do know that hunting bucks takes patience and can be challenging. The same can be said for finding those cards we look to add to our collection. I've been scouting this buck for some time, and waited patiently for the right conditions- which for me means price. A buck spent on eBay yielded me this beauty.

Now that I've harvested my buck, it's time to bag and document it. All from the comfort of my office.

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