Monday, December 15, 2014

The Next Best Thing

I'm envious of guys like Nick at Dime Boxes-- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey. I couldn't tell you the last time I came across a table offering such a delectable feast. Dime Boxes? I'd have better luck finding a dime bag.

That didn't stop me from at least trying to get by as cheap as possible at this past weekend's card show. About the best I could find were the 2 for $1 boxes. Does that sound better than 50 cent box? Nah, 2 for 1 makes it sound like you're getting a deal. Walking away from this table, I certainly felt better than spending a buck or two per card.

Just one of a legion of Fleer inserts from back in the day. Nothing stood out on this one, other than it being Chipper.

An interesting card- had never seen any of them before. The scan doesn't do it justice. Kind of like a Chrome Finest.

 Speaking of Chrome...couldn't pass up this RC of Christian. I hope he delivers on his promise this coming year.

 And here I thought I was getting one of the High Tek cards that were recently released...Nope. It's one of the originals.

 Never got these. I guess you can say they had a little bit of tradition dating back to '63. Still, never was a fan of this set.

 I love Topps Heritage, but, like the Fleer Tradition, I never really got this set. Glad they've put it to rest.

 That's a lot of blue!

 I liked this set- just didn't care for the First Edition crap. Wow- I'm Mr. Positive today, aren't I?

I always like the date and description found on this set. Is that better? Something positive rather than negative!

 Topps Fusion- I like them, but they were confusing!!

Another card that was new to me...I like it!

 Hey batter, batter!

 It wouldn't be a good show without picking up at least one Smoltzie!

 I might actually have this one, but took it anyway.

Rounding out the action...this Super Star Attractions card of old Hoss.

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