Monday, January 19, 2015

Cool as a Cucumber

As the back of card number 4 from Fleer's 1993 Career Highlights set tells us, Tom Glavine was known throughout his career as being unflappable. He lost seventeen games in his first full major league season, had first-inning trouble through his career, and yet always remained that same stoic force on the mound- devoid of showing any emotion.
"It goes back to a lesson I learned in the minor leagues," he once said prior to his Game 7 start in the 1996 NLCS.  "When you're out there pitching,  don't show any emotion. Act like you have complete control, even when you don't. And for some reason, I've had that ability, with whatever is going on in my life, whether it's on the field or personal stuff, to set is aside and concentrate on what I'm doing."

So it's no wonder that following the Seattle Seahawks improbable come from behind victory over Green Bay that Tom sent out this tweet regarding Russell Wilson's tearful breakdown :

Now, you know Tom's one of 'my guys'- one of my favorite players of all-time. When the faithful badmouthed him for his involvement as a union rep and his hard-lined stance during the 1994 strike, I withheld any real opinion (and I'm very much anti-union); when he left Atlanta for New York, I was disappointed, but never voiced any bitterness towards him. But still, I thought it was ridiculous of him to speak out about a guy who just overcame the worst game of his professional career, leading his team to the Super Bowl. So, I shot a tweet back his way- not expecting any reply. Well, I was wrong...

Yep- Tommie's still as cool as a cucumber. And he had just made my day that much better.


  1. Very cool! Twitter is an awesome way to interact with some really cool athletes and others!

  2. Good thing management never gave up on him and his 1st inning faults early in his career.