Thursday, January 29, 2015

Looking for Junk: 1988 Donruss Braves Wantlist

Once again, I've turned my attention to the task of getting my collection in order. This involves putting team sets into binders, checking a couple of resources that contain checklists and then making want lists. You know the routine- it's tedious, but necessary.

It's hard to believe that someone could actually be missing cards from the junk wax era, but as I'm going through the 1988 Donruss Braves team set, I've discovered that's exactly my predicament. Can anyone out there in cardboard land help a brother out?

Here are the needs and I'm offering up singles from '77, '78, '81-'84 Topps in return.

1988 Donruss Braves Team Set

#22 Glenn Hubbard DK
  67 Ken Oberkfell
  78 Dale Murphy
 143 Ozzie Virgil
 167 Zane Smith
 190 Dion James
 202 Ken Griffey
 266 Dave Palmer
 290 Albert Hall
 314 Glenn Hubbard
 325 Jeff Dedmon
 389 Rick Mahler
 414 Damaso Garcia
 437 Gerald Perry
 448 Rafael Ramirez
 513 Jeff Blauser
 537 Charlie Puleo
 560 Ted Simmons
 571 Pete Smith
 627 Andres Thomas
 644 Tom Glavine
 654 Ron Gant

"The Rookies"
10 Pete Smith
47 Ron Gant
49 Kevin Coffman


  1. I'll take a look before I seal up the envelope headed your way.

  2. Please shoot me an email at your convenience

    lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com

  3. If you still need 67 Oberkfell and 78 Dale Murphy I got them. Also have the Murphy MVP BC-14 card if you need it. LMK.

    tessierthomas at yahoo dot com

  4. Hi it looks like you might already be covered - I have all the base cards that are not crossed out (I have a separate Diamond King Collection, so that card I would like to keep).
    If you're still looking for a couple of those cards, I can be reached at brian dot d dot oneal at gmail dot com. Thanks!