Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WalletCard: Delivering the Goods

Who doesn't love a good mail day?. Even Mini Murph, my Wallet Card, enjoys the trip out to the mailbox to see what treasures await. Will it be junk mail, bills, or cards? Maybe a combination?

As you can see, it was cold outside but that didn't deter Mini Murph. He knew that we were expecting a number of goodies and so he Brave(d) the weather and helped me open the mail box. We weren't disappointed.

Not only were there envelopes in the mailbox, but a package from awaited us, too (on the porch). Today's haul was pretty much Murphcentric. And, as you can see, there's Mini Murph-right above one of the two SI magazines I purchased with my rewards points.

 I will run separate posts for each individual shipment.

For the time being, continue sitting down, relax and listen to some metal...Judas Priest: Delivering the Goods!


  1. Good stuff! Gotta love Murph! Looking forward to the posts on each shipment.