Thursday, February 26, 2015

Base(ball) Oddity #29: Woolworth Reunion

As we were gettting coffee in the breakroom a couple of days ago, a co-worker told me she was taking an extended lunch that afternoon in order to take part in a reunion. She had worked at a Woolworth's department store for eight years prior to coming to work for our current employer and she had been contacted about a get-together over lunch. She was excited to see some old faces, as it had been thirty years since she had seen any of her former associates. Her excitement carried over to me, and I decided I'd have my own Woolworth reunion.

It hasn't been nearly that long since I've laid eyes on some of the Woolworth cards that I have, from sets that started appearing in the department store chain over 30 years ago. 

Produced by Topps, the sets ran for seven straight years, from 1985 through 1991. Oddly, there was no mention of Woolworths on either of the 1985 or 1986 sets, which can create a lot of confusion when trying to catalog your collection. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what set this '86 Murphy card came out of. 

Each set consisted of 33 cards- except the 1985 set, which contained 44 cards. That original set also was the only one to feature retired legends of the game, while every other year included current players. Sets from 1987 and beyond included 15 World Series Highlights cards and 18 regular cards.

Of course, Murph never got the chance to play in a World Series, but he did make two of the Highlight part of the sets- one for blasting 2 homers in an inning against San Francisco...

... and for hitting career Home Run number 375 on September 13th off Rick Sutcliff of the Cubs.

I enjoyed reminiscing during our little reunion. And Dale doesn't look like he's aged at all.

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