Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Product Checklist: 2015 Heritage Atlanta Braves

Topps released the checklist yesterday for 2015 Heritage and like with the 2015 Topps flagship product, Braves fans are getting one last chance to say goodbye to a number of players no longer on the team.

10 Julio Teheran
32 Andrelton Simmons
38 BJ Upton (no Melvin Jr. on this one, I'm afraid)
56 Kris Medlen
79 Emilio Bonifacio
91 Nick Markakis
130 Evan Gattis
133 Mike Minor
154 Chris Johnson
200 Freddie Freeman
219 Justin Upton/Mike Stanton/ Adrian Gonzalez LL
236 Ervin Santana
326 Team Card
334 Alex Wood
387 Shelby Miller
436 Justin Upton SP
472 Craig Kimbrel SP

Clubhouse Collection Relics
     #CCR-EG Evan Gattis
     #CCR-FF Freddie Freeman
     #CCR-HA Hank Aaron
     #CCR-JH Jason Heyward

Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics
     #CCAR-FF Freddie Freeman

Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics
     #CCDAR-AF Hank Aaron/Freddie Freeman
     #CCDAR-NT Phil Niekro/Julio Teheran

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics
    #CCDR-AH  Hank Aaron/Jason Heyward

Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics
    #CCTR-AHU Hank Aaron/Jason Heyward/Justin Upton

Flashback Autograph Relics
     #FAR-HA Hank Aaron

Real One Autographs
     #ROA-PN Phil Niekro

Real One Dual Autographs
     #RODA-AF Hank Aaron/Freddie Freeman
     #RODA-NT Phil Niekro/Julio Teheran

1966 Baseball Punchboards Boxloader Autographs
     #66PA-PN Phil Niekro

1966 Baseball Punchboards Boxloader Relics
     #66PR-JT Julio Teheran
     #66PR-JU Justin Upton

1966 Player Cut Signatures
    #66PCS-JB Johnny Blanchard

1966 Mint
    #66M-EM Eddie Mathews
    #66M-PH Phil Niekro

1966 US Postal Stamp
    #66US-EM Eddie Mathews
    #66US-PN Phil Niekro

One thing of note: Jason Heyward is listed as a member of the Cardinals for card number 201, one number higher than pal Freddie Freeman. However,  JHey is shown as a member of the Braves in the Clubhouse Collection. I had not planned on picking up any of the CC relic cards, but will probably make an exception so that I can have one last Heritage card of the right fielder.

It will be interesting to see the photo selection Topps used for the cards featuring Braves players. The 1966 set featured many Braves players without hats, since the team's home for the upcoming season was up in the air as the National League spent the 1965 offseason and much of the 1966 season in the courtrooms, battling the state of Wisconsin over the team.

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