Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Bunch of Whooey

I hate being late to the party. Especially when it's a conversation taking place on Twitter and you have to wade through a number of threads, trying to figure out the exact context of the conversation.

My most recent tardiness came in the form of a discussion that took place a couple of days ago about the glorious year of 1992 in baseball cards. I still have no idea of the genesis of the outrage, but I think I know whooo-ooooo started it. And if he didn't, well then, he's still guilty of a lot of hooey.

Owl's comment above was his reply to my stating that 1992 Pinnacle sucked. I might have been late to the conversation, but I was going to voice my opinion, darn it. You see, 1992 was a glorious year, not only for my Braves, but for baseball cards as well. The base, but beautiful (in its own way) Bowman; the sweet Leaf set, with its gray borders, great photos and gracious backs; the colossal Stadium Club, providing us more photos than Kim Kardashian's Instagram account.

After defending my two favorite sets from '92 (Ultra and Upper Deck), came this dagger.

As crazy uncle Si says, "it's on like Donkey Kong."

So, Greg, this one's for you, my friend.

1992 Ultra Braves

Clear, crisp photos, plenty of color and NO PARALLELS! While the card backs could have been better, the fronts of the '92 Ultra set were perfect. Gorgeous. Glorious.

1992 Upper Deck Braves

The multi-exposure Neon Deion 2-Sport card alone put this in the running for set of the year. Throw in dazzling subsets like Diamond Debuts, Diamond Skills, Bloodlines, Tops Prospects and the Star Rookies.... a few insert sets- which, still in their infancy, were pretty exciting to pull... and you have one heck of a set.


  1. I always enjoyed the "floating" picture on the 1992 UD more than any person rightfully should.


    (Didja notice how man favorites my love for '92 Pinnacle got? Hmmmmmm? ;)

    GO PIRATES -- *collapses from early '90s Braves stink overload*

    1. I was thiiiiis close to putting a couple up there. Glad you saw this was all in fun!

  3. I like the 1992 Fleer Ultra, even if the full-bleed look gets me to confuse it with Stadium Club sometimes. I do appreciate the fact that there were no parallels either. I miss those simpler times on occasion.

  4. I didn't like Ultra that year, but I did really like UD. Good set. Pinnacle was.... to be kind, meh.

  5. First I vote for Braves, lol. Then I give the card design award to Ultra, that set (and 93 which is very similar as one of the best. Those cards set the standard for all future high end sets.