Monday, March 23, 2015

For Old Times Sake

There was a reunion of sorts this weekend as the Braves and Cardinals met for a spring training game. Though they had played earlier this spring, it was the first time that the one time face of the franchise (Jason Heyward) faced his former team after being traded last November. I think that every pre-game photo I saw had Freddie Freeman standing next to his bosom buddy.

Saturday brought not only their on-the-field meeting, but a cardboard reunion, as well. Three packages arrived in the mail that day, two of which contained a card of the players.

I'm trying to abstain from purchasing relic cards, but Jason's regular base card pictures him in a Cardinal hat and I wanted to has one last Heritage card, for old times' sake.

This year's Diamond Kings will probably be panned- but just as last year, I really like them. No, it's not a Dick Perez painting, but think they're well done. Beats the hell out of a lot of the 'art' in the Topps National Chicle set a few years back.

This final Heyward card arrived earlier last week, but I had not featured it on the blog yet. I do like the design and think the red, white and blue stripes on the bottom resemble the colors found on the '84 Diamond Kings, I think it is?

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