Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Want to Believe

Scrolling through Yahoo's homepage last night made me feel as if I'm stuck in the 90s. It seems like every other headline was about the return of a wildly popular Fox TV show that first aired twenty-two years ago. Fans never thought they'd see its return, so it gives me hope...

I want to believe that digital cards will disappear and this is the closest thing that we will see to digital trading cards.

I want to believe that we will see another Diamond Kings set featuring an 'A' on a hat. (or choose your team's logo.)

I want to believe that the trend in retro sets continues, including one in the not so distant future that is produced by Upper Deck.

I want to believe that there are some records that will never be broken (and if they are, they're legit) and that we never have to say goodbye to our heroes.

I want to believe in prospects again.

I want to believe in the return of some of our favorite sets from the period some call the Last Great Decade.

O you of little faith.

1 comment:

  1. I do believe. I do believe. said the Cowardly Lion... wait. I do believe in spooks. that's what he actually said. well, he didn't actually say it. lions don't talk. and he wasn't a real lion. where's was I going with this? Oh, I hope those days are forthcoming, and quickly! Heroes with unquestionable records, quality cardboard and Braves in the World Series. Love this post!