Friday, April 17, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Grilled Cheese

Sometimes life just isn't fair. An artist has an inspired moment, but has no brush, nor paint. A musician has a melody- but is far from his piano. I have an idea for a custom faux food-issue card and my photoshop software says there's a licensing issue and the free on-line pixl editor sucks.

Now had I had the proper tools, my card would have been a Kraft Singles card celebrating grilled cheese and new Braves closer Jason Grilli (his nickname is Grilled Cheese). After all, who doesn't like grilled cheese? If you don't, you might just be missing out- at least according to a new study on the love lives of those who eat the popular sandwich. So instead of offering up some fresh grilled cheese, I guess I'll just have to serve left-overs.

Grilli has pitched really well so far this season, and while the Braves aren't expected to win very many games, should they do better than expected and Grilli save a lot of games... You might just see a baby boom in Braves Country.

Let's hear it for Grilled Cheese!


  1. Let's hear it for the cheese! Always been a favorite of mine.