Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kings and Queens

"Long ago when days I'm told were ruled by lords of greed. Maidens fared with gold they dared to bare their wombs that bleed. Kings and queens and guillotines taking lives denied. Starch and parchment laid the laws when bishops took the ride- only to deceive." Aerosmith's King and Queens

I've been on a crusade of late to acquire some of the Braves found in 2015 Donruss and 2015 Gypsy Queen- two sets that are about as popular as, well...the Crusades. But I've always been a contrarian, so I won't let the opinions of the masses sway my tastes.


With over 100 years of baseball history to choose from, Donruss decided to include two stars from the Braves glory days; players who were throwbacks; players who were Kings of the Diamond.

Although I am too young to have watched Eddie Mathews play, I couldn't help but think that I was somehow watching him whenever I would watch Chipper play. Except I never saw the fight in #10 that I would have seen in Mathews- who liked to duke it out from time to time. Jones, also known as the Old Battle Axe, seems to have made the Twitta his battlefield. And instead of fists, he uses a war of words.

He certainly wasn't a choirboy, but if the Professor had been alive during medieval times, I think he would have been in the university, studying to be a member of the clergy. They were often the educated ones. He would have gone on to be a master of theology. Or, if you've heard of some of his antics during his playing career, you might even think of him as being the jester in the Kings court. Another time period he would have fit in: The Renaissance. He was, as the back of his Donruss card tells us, a "master of painting the corners."


I have played very little chess in my time- mainly because I really suck at it- but it's my understanding that there's something called the Queen's Gambit Declined, which is any variation of the Queen's Gambit in which black does not play... uh...hmm....This Chipper is the mini variation from this year's Gypsy Queen set. He doesn't play, because he's retired. Queen's Gambit Declined...smdh

Last year, my boy Andrelton Simmons looked more like a throwback to the 70s, when you had slick fielding shortstops who didn't hit a lick. Well, working with new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer seems to have paid off for the world's best shortstop. He could fit right into Medieval lore, as well. The man is, after all, a wizard with the glove.

Another of my favorite current Braves, Julio reminds of me of the glory days, when pitching ruled fields of green. He hasn't looked too sharp his last couple of outings. Medieval life was full of illness- and Julio's looking (and pitching) a little tepid. He needs a little color in him...

and Guillotines

Really, Topps?

Off with their heads!!!!

Gotta draw the line somewhere....


  1. Gack! I hate it when Topps does that with reusing photos. H-A-T-E it. Just don't include the card in both sets. They are both inserts, so that should be simple...

  2. Have a bunch of the Braves food cards as well. Lykes, Bryan hot dogs, Post, a Boy Scout Jeff Blauser.

    I have an extra Folty 2015 GQ if you want to trade.

    1. Are any of the food-issue cards for trade, Jeff? I just checked out your blog for the first time- welcome to the blogosphere! I'll link your blog on my blog roll.

    2. Hey just saw this let me check I may have some extras been going thru/organizing my cards lately. I picked up a Justice Post card Saturday