Friday, May 22, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Inquiring Minds

For today's subject we're going back in time to an issue of Baseball Cards magazine from December, 1987.

While reading the Collector Q&A section of an old Baseball Cards magazine, I came across a question from a reader about the 1987 Kraft Home Plate Heroes Eric Davis card (card #10). Inquiring minds wanted to know what happened to the upper part of the bat.

As you can see, the lower part of the bat is resting on Davis' right shoulder but then seems to disappear. It's not shrinkage going on, nor is it the remains of a broken bat; rather, it has to be attributed to an airbrushing job gone awry. My guess (and the answer given to the reader's question) is that while airbrushing the helmet and touching up the blue skies, the artist inadvertently painted over the missing part of the lumber.

Have you ever noticed any similar airbrush accidents?

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