Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Murph Anthology: 2005 Upper Deck Classics

Any Mount Rushmore for rookie-themed subsets would have to include Donruss' Rated Rookies, Topps' Future Stars, Upper Deck Hockey's Young Guns and Upper Deck's Star Rookies. Of course, Topps' Rookie Cup cards are very popular as well, although I wouldn't classify it as a subset. Collectors love anything with 'Rookie' inscribed on it and the card companies often look for any excuse to exploit that interest. One such exploitation was the 'Retro Star Rookies' found in 2005 Upper Deck Classics.

2005 Upper Deck Classics #106

Featuring thirty retired stars at the end of the set (cards #101-130), the Retro Star Rookies idea wasn't necessarily a bad idea; it's just that a few of the photos- such as this Dale Murphy- are from a few years into the player's career, which seems ridiculous to me.

If that's the only complaint that can be charged against Upper Deck for this subset, then they did pretty good in creating these cards. One thing I might have done different had I been involved in the product: include the players minor league stats prior to their rookie season. This would give the card more of an authentic look to it. There's too much empty space along the bottom third of the card, so this could have easily been done. I do, however, like the use of a photo inside of the ribbon and the brief rookie season facts.

Overall, this was yet another overall solid effort by the Upper Deck company.

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