Friday, June 5, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Spooney

Spoony [spoo-nee]
foolish or stupidly amorous
foolish; silly

With multiple tattoos and a nipple ring, a fastball that Bobby Cox once said has more movement than any he had ever seen, a pitch called "the Thing," and a name unlike any other in the game, former Braves relief pitcher Tim Spooneybarger became a fan favorite shortly after his MLB debut. The fans weren't the only ones who fell in love with the free-spirited righty; Braves officials were captivated by Spooney's performance during his rapid rise through the minors. His one full season in Atlanta (along with his short 4-inning cup of coffee in 2001) was so successful that it enhanced his trade value and netted the Braves left-handed starter Mike Hampton after.

2002 Bryan Atlanta Braves

Dealt to the Marlins following the 2002 season, Spooney's childhood dream of pitching for the Braves ended almost as quickly as it had begun- and he burned every bridge between Georgia and South Beach after leaving town.

Tim pitched one season- his last in the majors- for the Marlins before arm troubles derailed his career. He would later pitch in 4 minor league games in 2005 and then in 6 more for the Orioles farm system in 2008 before trading in his glove for a guitar. Tim and teammate A.J. Burnett formed a rock band, aptly named Mad Ink. I have no idea if he wrote an ode to Tom and Leo.

I haven't heard any of the duo's music, but I have heard this killer tune from Seattle's Soundgarden:

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