Thursday, June 18, 2015


I guess my hiatus didn't last as long as I thought it would. Despite having stating that I would be taking a break from publishing new material, the release of 2015 Topps 2 brought with it a disgust that I can't help but share.

Two cards that popped up during a search of '2015 Topps 2 Braves' compelled me to point out the laziness or just plain incompetent personnel in charge of developing the checklist. What has gotten me so fired up? These:

Signed by Atlanta as a free-agent back in November, Zoilo Almonte was released by the team in spring training and is still unemployed. He never appeared in an official game for the Braves and yet is featured in Series 2.

Our next card might even be worse- if that's even possible.

Aaron Northcraft was a fringe prospect at best in the Atlanta system prior to being traded to San Diego in the Justin Upton deal last December. Reaching AAA for the first time last year, Northcraft struggled mightily- diminishing any hope he would be a quality major league starter- and has struggled with the Padres AAA team. Northcraft was designated for assignment in early February before he even appeared in any games for his new organization. And yet here he is in Series 2- despite being traded months before this product hit the streets and despite having never pitched in the majors. 

I could also include a reliever (Shae Simmons) who underwent Tommy John surgery in early February and will miss the entire 2015 season. Simmons showed promise as a rookie last season before being shutdown for the final two months with a sore shoulder. Yeah, good choice in his inclusion, too.

Speaking of relievers... Topps also included a card for Arodys Vizcaino, who was re-acquired by the Braves this offseason in the trade that sent Tommy La Stella to the Cubs. Well, there are two problems here:

1- You would have a hard time convincing me that this is Arodys pictured on the card.
2- The numbskull was suspended for PED prior to the regular season and will miss half the season. When he does come back from suspension, his ass very well might be in AAA Gwinnett.

Look, I'm not just some cardboard curmudgeon who complains about every little thing in the collecting world these days. I like Topps and most of their products. We're not talking about Archives' thin card stock, which has apparently upset many collectors (I could care less- many other popular releases over the years have thin stock, too). This kind of crap insults the intelligence of the team set collector and is completely inexcusable. What do you have to say for yourselves, Topps?


  1. Thought the same thing when I saw the checklist. Didn't notice Northcraft, how the hell is he on a major league card?! Also no Shelby and Kimbrel as a Brave is pretty bad even though I love the pic they used.

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  3. Oh, no. I'm going to pick up a hoibby box of this stuff in a few hours. Even had the LCS hold one for me.

    Oh, well. Took me years to earn the "hold one for me" level of familiarity over there. Too late now. Hope I pull a better auto.

  4. Whoever is in charge of the checklist needs to hang it up and pass their job off to whoever was in charge of this year's iconic card design.