Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LOA (Lack of Attention)

Yesterday was my first day back to work after having 1+ week off for our family vacation (week and one day, to be exact), so to say that I was feeling a little anxiety Sunday night is an understatement. I always feel that way coming off vacation because I never know what awaits, what messes I'm going to have to clean up, so to speak. The past few weeks have been particularly busy, most of my staff are newbies and we have had some procedural changes take place recently that my assistant manager hasn't had to experience first hand. Well, my fears were relieved- no one quit or did something extremely stupid to get themselves fired. However there was one little hiccup that was due to a lack of attention on his part. A few minutes of my time and we were able to right the ship.

Once I got home there were three packages awaiting me, which was nice since there were none waiting for me when I got back from vacation. I quickly saw that lack of attention goes beyond my work place. In fact, two of the three orders contained errors.

I wish I could say that the first error was due to some incompetent worker, but I can't. I'm completely at fault. Mea culpa.

A recent purchase on eBay was a card that I thought was going to be from the Braves 2015 Topps retail team set. Rather than purchase the team set (I'm narrowing the team sets I collect to 3: flagship Heritage, and Archives) I decided to pick up the Simba (Andrelton Simmons) card, since he's the only current Brave I'm collecting. Well, as you can see in the above card, what I bought was an Opening Day single- and I usually stay away from those in my PCs (unless it's a photo variation or insert). Instead of ATL-12, I now have card #171 to add to my Andrelton binder.

Error Number 2 came from COMC.com and was no fault of my own. I had ordered a 1986 Sportflics Decade Greats card of Dale Murphy (#67) but instead received this:

Best of the 60s Whitey Ford #44. Not what I was expected.

I emailed the great folks at COMC and have yet to hear from them (I'm writing this Monday evening), but they were quick to respond in my one previous problem. And I'm sure this will get taken care of in a quick manner, too.

Now, if you'll excuse me I guess I'd better proofread this post. I'd hate to overlook any errors.

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