Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Base(ball) Oddity #38: Franks for the Memories

I will admit from the get-go that the title for today's post isn't an original of mine- it comes from an article on philly.com about the turning over of the Medford Food Company to Hatfield Quality Meats, Inc. Medford was the originator of the Phillies Franks and was a one-time sponsor of the Phillies team-issued card set.

It was 25 years ago yesterday that the Braves traded icon Dale Murphy to the Phillies in a 5-player trade that shocked and angered many Braves faithful. Had I been about eight or nine years younger at the time of the trade, I would have probably, as one tweep said today, 'cried myself to sleep that night.' As it was, I was two days from my twenty-first birthday, working myself to death that summer and not following the game like I had for most of my life. I was disappointed, for sure, but wasn't completely surprised since Murph was on the downside of his career.

One thing I wasn't disappointed in was winning a long sought-after card (team set, actually) from the 1992 Phillies Medford set. I stumbled across this beautiful team set on the 'bay and was determined to win it- putting in a high bid of over $20. Thankfully the auction didn't go that high and I won the 35-card set for $7.50 plus $5.99 shipping. Cards measure 4 x 6 and features stars such as Curt Schilling as well as coaches, a stadium card, team photo card and the Philly Phanatic.

The Murphy, obviously, was the major coup in this auction and is going into the binder. All others are available- if anyone is in need of singles from this set.

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