Friday, August 21, 2015

Base(ball) Oddity #39: Money Waster

"To my low down downtown money waster, your only saving grace is I like to taste ya but your flower is spoiled." The Black Crowes' Downtown Money Waster

I had been re-evaluating my collecting habits prior to my so called 'hiatus' earlier this summer (I call it so-called because I haven't been away very much). It all began as I was in the process of preparing for the painting and re-organization of the office that serves as my card room. Unfortunately, I have to share said room with my wife, which means that I'm limited on space for 'my stuff.' The rate at which my shelves were filling up meant a change was needed. More than that, though, was the realization that I had moved away from what my collection started out as (Braves Topps team sets, Dale Murphy, Chipper Jones) and had morphed into something that just isn't sustainable- either financially (the taking of funds that I'd rather spend on my biggest interests) or the room it would take to house it.

The most discouraging aspect during this time was the realization of how much money has been spent on items that I now consider expendable. I had been raised to value a dollar. After all, 'money doesn't grow on trees'- so you work and save; stay out of debt and don't waste your money on foolish things. Some of that money could have been saved to go towards some of the more expensive vintage Topps cards need to complete my Braves team sets. Or, to purchase the '89 Upper Deck Reverse Negative Dale Murphy card. Heck, there's a lot of things I could have done with that lost money.

There is one saving grace in this cardboard conundrum of mine: the expendable stuff that I have accumulated was purchased without ever going into debt. With the proliferation of credit card offers and now PayPal credit, it's certainly a temptation that many collectors have faced- and some succumbing to. Had today's featured card been issued today, one might view it as those crusaders viewed Camel cigarettes quite a few years ago. Remember Joe Camel and the 'appeal to kids'? Well, I suppose someone would have done the same with Perma Graphics credit cards. They're a gateway drug, collectors- stay away from them!

Perma Graphics, Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri, has spent over thirty-five years in the "manufacturing and fulfillment of credit cards, debit, gift, phone casino, hotel key, membership access and other transaction cards." It was thirty-two years ago that the company teamed up with Topps in producing these Super Star credit card-style oddballs. The set wasn't their first offering, however. That would have been the one released in 1981. Hardly the most attractive oddball that's on the market, but an interesting one, nonetheless!

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  1. Love it, I've got some Seahawk to send you when I get home