Monday, November 16, 2015

Worth the Price of Admission

I might be in the minority, but there are very few professional athletes that I would consider to be worth the price of admission. These are the guys that you stop what you're doing when they're in the field- or at the plate- because you don't want to miss what they might do. When it comes to my Braves, there have been three in my lifetime that fall into that category: Greg Maddux, Andruw Jones and Andrelton Simmons.

I was just finishing up with work Thursday afternoon when I received a text from a friend who is an Angels fan. "Dumb move for the Angels. Congrats to you," it read. I had been extremely busy at work that afternoon and had not had a chance to check the twitter feed on my phone, so I replied with a generic, "huh?"

Rick broke the news to me that the Angels had traded Erick Aybar, their two top prospects and cash for my favorite Braves player, Andrelton Simmons. The only word to describe what I felt at that moment (and for the next two hours) was crushed. 

Crushed in spirit. I had not even felt this way when Atlanta had traded away Dale Murphy, who was on the downside of his career, to Philadelphia. Simmons, on the other hand, was only four years into his career and has plenty of good years ahead of him.

After the initial shock wore off, anger began settling in. In the past twelve months, almost the entire roster has been made over- most of which I understood why they were doing so. You get players coming upon free-agency, so you trade them instead of getting nothing in return; you also have bad contracts that you try to get out from under; you take areas of strength and trade them for areas of need. None of which describe Simmons. 

With the team entering their final season at The Ted before moving into Sun Trust Park in 2017, popular thought was that you can not endure another horrible season like the team just finished having. Braves brass said that they would not- could not- endure another season like 2015. At this point, however, I don't believe a single word they say. 


  1. The best that Braves fans can hope for at this point, in my opinion, is that Liberty Media is setting the team up to make it attractive to a buyer who wants to plunge money in while having a cadre of prospects to start with.

    Pretty much, it's over the top to do what they have done at this point in terms of trading. Yes, Simmons's bat was not very good last year, but wouldn't the team want a good fielding shortstop to allow its young pitchers to develop with good defense behind them?

    1. Funny thing is that as far as shortstops go, his bats average and just a very small tick below Aybar. Yes! Most definitely want that glove behind those young arms. Liberty sucks; Coppolella sucks; baseball sucks right now.

    2. I hate baseball for this trade