Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Sound of a Harpoon

I was going to title this post 'Going Out with A Bang' (being that it's my last post of the year) but realized it isn't an explosive you use to kill a White Whale, but a harpoon...

If you take a look to the right of your screen you will see the Fourteen Fugitives (unless your on a mobile device and getting the 'mobile view,' which in that case, you might not be able to see it). See that first item on the list? That would be considered my 'White Whale.' Well, it was considered my 'White Whale.'

I was contacted a little over two weeks ago by a reader named Michael who asked if I was still looking for the Boy Scouts Dale Murphy card. Am I? HECK YES!!

I was beginning to think that this card was merely a myth in the world of cardboard. Yes, I had seen it listed in the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, but had never seen a photo nor a listing of one for sale- nothing.

Michael gave a little history of how he came about getting the card and explained that there are actually two versions of the card- one has "Central Georgia Council BSA" on the bottom of the card, while the other version does not. He then offered me the card for $5. I could not believe my ears. I asked him if he accepted PayPal and, once confirmed, I immediately sent a payment. A few days later, this beauty showed up in my mail box.

I added quite a few highly sought-after Murphy cards this year, but none as wanted as this one. And now, just like the New Years Eve ball dropping, I'll be dropping this from the 14 Fugitives list.

Thanks again, Michael for the generous offer. It's truly appreciated!