Friday, January 15, 2016

Countdown to 2016 Topps #19: Anticipation

One of the best things about going out to the old ballgame is getting to the park early enough to catch BP and all the excitement leading up to the game. In today's Countdown post, I'm attempting to capture that spirit of anticipation...

One thing I've noticed about showing up early to the ballpark is that it gives the fan the opportunity to 'take it all in.' This can be done during the game, of course, but I, for one, would prefer to focus my attention on the action once the game begins. Yes, it's fun to watch certain players taking BP- hitting bombs into the stands- but it also allows for me to notice the city skyline, the flag whipping in the wind (and which direction it's blowing), the patterns in the infield/outfield grass. 

For many collectors, anticipation once included eagerly awaiting that first pack of Topps baseball primarily because we didn't know what the design would look like. There were no price guides with advertisements, no pre-production samples and no internet to view the sell sheets. Once the packs began arriving in stores, we would tear into them, taking in all the colors, all the fonts and all the lines and shapes that defined that year's product.

Anticipation in today's hobby is more about studying the checklist three weeks before release date, and having already judged a product well before it's in hand. And, just hoping that there are plenty of photographs that are well worth the wait.


  1. I am a little dissapointed in the checklist seeing as half the Braves are no longer Braves but I won a case spot break earlier today so I'm happy about that.

  2. Rowland's card does speak to the ballpark atmosphere. I show up before the gates open, not to miss one moment in the park. Unless a great storm is rapidly approaching, I don't leave til it's over. Come on Season!