Thursday, January 14, 2016

Countdown to 2016 Topps #20: Changes

"Look out all you rock and rollers, pretty soon you're going to get older." David Bowie's Changes

I still remember the shock I experienced while opening my first pack of 1992 Topps Baseball. Not only was the card stock much whiter- much brighter- than in the past, but included the first photos (stadium shots) featured on the card backs. The '92 product included the first pack-inserted parallels (Thanks, Topps!) but, for the first time since 1951, did not include bubble gum in its packs. Perhaps the rising number of products from its competitors drove the company to make what it felt were necessary changes.

Well before releasing the sell sheets for 2016 Series 1, Topps has shown that it's a company that is trying to reinvent itself. A greater emphasis on digital trading cards; hawking branded merchandise on its website; new wall art on almost a daily basis. And it hasn't been very popular with many older collectors- myself included. But I get it- I've seen it in my own workplace. Many companies are faced with either stagnating and dying a slow death or reinvent itself in order to grow. But for hobby traditionalists... it sucks.

I have had quite a few months now to digest the changes made to Topps' 2016 flagship. Does part of Topps reinventing itself have to include going borderless and using whatever filter is used on the photography? I don't think so. I would really like to hear someone from Topps address these changes, but am not counting on it. And who knows- I have yet to see the card in hand, so I certainly could be surprised. I didn't like the changes made in 1992, but here I am- still collecting in 2016.


  1. Taking gum out was much worse than borderless, I like this year's design

  2. not a big fan of 2016 Topps. Will I still buy and bust a jumbo box? Yeah, probably so.