Saturday, February 6, 2016

Perfect Day for a Girls Night Out

At first I was a little disappointed. My wife had informed me that she was going to have a Girls Night Out with a couple of friends on Friday. That kind of news would typically be welcomed- she doesn't get out with friends much and I try to encourage her to do so. However, Friday nights are our night. We have had the tradition for years: try to keep it open for movies at home or a date night. And I'm all about tradition.

I guess I also felt a little jealousy. I rarely do anything with friends- an occasional lunch or a card show with a buddy (although that seems to happen once every 2 years), but my social life outside of work is pretty minimal. The dog is cool, but she doesn't talk much. Looks like it will be a quiet night at home.

Anyway, in the middle of my pity-party, it dawned upon me: I'm expecting my box of 2016 Topps on Friday!! What perfect timing for a Girls Night Out! By all means, dear,  go out. Have fun. Tell the girls hello for me.

Not our dog, but one I saw on a meme on Facebook.

I was still giddy with excitement when I woke up Friday morning and decided to check the tracking number, as if that would make it arrive quicker. My morning quickly turned to darkness, however.

As you can see- the shipment progress had changed since I had last changed. "Severe weather conditions have delayed delivery..." was the news I woke up to yesterday. Being in denial, I was still holding out hope that it would arrive at work later Friday morning (I had it shipped to my workplace). Yes, I was disappointed once again when it didn't show up.

Not all was lost, though. I had the opportunity to take my daughter out last night on a father/daughter date night. Ice cream, picked up a Redbox movie, checking thrift stores for a piece of a costume for her upcoming 'Decades Day' during 'Spirit Week' and a quick stop at Target. Why Target? Need you ask?

Among the many cards I received were two of the most important Topps Rookie Cards of the past thirty-five years- and they're GEM MINT!

Hang on- I'm being told those are not, I repeat ARE NOT rookie cards. Hmm. Disappointed. Again.

At least I got some valuable time with my daughter. And there's never any disappointment with that.


  1. I know I get most of my card sorting, trade package assembly and cataloging done when my fiance is having a girl's night out or working a late shift. One definitely has to capitalize on that kind of time to get card stuff done!

  2. Dang weather. Glad you were able to salvage things with some quality father/daughter bonding time.