Thursday, February 11, 2016

Risky Business

I'm not much of a risk taker. I mean, I have done some stupid, spontaneous things in the past, all of which were done without thinking of the consequences, but as far as calculated risks...forget it. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to be able to step outside of my comfort zone. It's just that... well, I'm afraid of failure, I guess.

If I didn't have a wife and daughter to support it would be much easier for me to step out and do something that I've wanted to do for years, like be a full-time hobby dealer. Or a distributor. Or anything hobby-related. My wife has even thrown out the crazy idea of me one day retiring and then us opening a card shop/book store. If I only my dad had told me at a young age, "sometimes you just gotta say what the heck."

The hobby has changed dramatically over the past sixteen or so years. Having an online presence seems like a must in order to succeed in the card business today, so if my wife's dream comes true I think I'd also do what many sellers do: set up shop on eBay. I'd sell complete sets, team sets, singles and even do those "Complete Your Set- 25 cards for $3"-type of things. 

I had never dealt with any eBay sellers who offer to help complete your set until last week. But after getting my February card allowance I set out to buy a lot or two of 2015 Topps Update singles to go towards completing my set. No shameless pursuit of immediate gratification here- I'm going about this the old fashioned way. So I entered '2' and did the BIN thingy. All I had to do before sending the payment was type in the numbers of the 50 cards I wanted the seller to send.

I guess it was a bit of risky business deciding to build this set after purchasing only a few jumbos and perhaps a hanger.  I was surprised to find that one of the numbers available was the Rookie Card of young Indian phenom Francisco Lindor.

Another promising young player. Norris' story is a fascinating one: overcoming thyroid cancer, surfing in Nicaragua during the offseason and, oh, yeah, living out of a van.

Yet another of the game's great young players. I haven't really noticed much interest in Manny's cards, though. Does this guy get any hobby love at all? Perhaps he should buy himself some Wayfarers.

After all, it seemed to work for Joel Goodsen. Just don't go dancing in your tighty-whities, Manny.


  1. I'm with you, in terms of wanting to open my own "online" cardboard shop. I' in graduate school, and part of my funding package stimulates that I can't have an outside job, which sucks. However, opening packs and selling cards that don't fit in my collection doesn't seem to technically be a job, and I could use all the extra income I could get. That in itself is a risk, too, though....

    1. Yeah, that would be tough operating within those stipulations. Have you looked at some of the other seller options (COMC, Sportlots, etc)? If so, which do you think look likes the best way to sell?

  2. Congratulations. A wife that supports you opening up a card shop... is definitely a keeper.