Friday, May 6, 2016

Food-Issue Friday: Going Yard

A recent eBay BIN caught my attention: three cards from the 1978 Hostess set- two of which featured players (Dan Meyer and Ruppert Jones) that I collected as a kid. Of course during this time period there wasn't much to choose from (Topps), but I did make an effort to find their cards. Anyway, after seeing these things of beauty, I couldn't help but buy them.

I decided to google Dan Meyer before I started drafting this post- I last remembered him with the A's in the early 80s and wanted to see what became of him. I skimmed through his Wikipedia entry and decided to click on a link that said something about him hitting two homers in an M's win. The link lead me to Google News and the box score/copy from a game in July of 1977. Not only did Dan hit two homers in the win against the Twins, but Jones and Stanton also homered that night. It was the only time that season that all three homered in the same game. Of no real importance- but kind a cool little piece of trivia.

It's funny- I get so tired of photos in today's card sets- most of which look the same, but I never tire of these poses in front of the stands or with Yankee Stadium in the background- not matter how often they were used. It's just part of the charm of cards from yesterday.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. To be fair, Yankee Stadium was always a nice backdrop for a baseball card. Also, the old school Mariners uniforms don't hurt the visual appeal.

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