Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trading as Therapy

One of my unstated goals heading into 2016 was to not only be more involved in trading with other collectors, but to get some new trading partners. As we're a third of the way into the year already, I can proudly say that I have accomplished this goal already.

The latest 1st-time trade was with Adam from Addiction as Therapy. If you haven't checked out Adam's blog, please do so. He has an interesting story on how he got back into collecting- and has been an awesome addition to the community the past 15 or so months.

Anyway, I read a post a couple of weeks ago about his 2016 Heritage Box break and was pleasantly surprised to see Adam offer some of the SPs as trade bait. Since I've decided to try to complete the set, I jumped at the opportunity to pick up a card or two. So, I responded to Adam's post-- but then forgot to check back. Apparently, he responded and asked me to contact him. I didn't, obviously, since I forgot about it. I then later received an email from Adam asking for my contact info. I'm glad someone's on top of his game, because I'm sure not!

Not only was Adam kind enough to send the Robbie Cano card, but surprised me with 29( !!!!) cards that are needed for my 1997 Topps set! This knocks my want list to just 5 cards for completing the set (#2, 17, 84, 203, 246).

Not only was I 'graced' (as Tony from Wrigley Roster Jenga could call it) with a card of Mark Grace, but also received a couple of my favorite players from 90s/00s: Mark Kotsay and Andruw Jones. I was a fan of Kotsay's since college and always appreciated how he played the game.

Then there were the 'Big Three', as I'll call them:

Junior will be joining Ripken and the Big Hurt in the Hall of Fame in about 90 days. Will his hat be on backwards on his plaque? Time shall tell...

Thanks again, Adam for the trade and all the great cards!

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  1. Looks like this Gracing was a little more mild, but tons of nice cardboard surrounding it. Love that Jackie Robinson! Also, Griffey should totally go in the Hall with a White Sox hat.

    (Just kidding, of course)