Saturday, January 28, 2017

Countdown to 2017 Topps #04: Inventory

Topps released the checklist for 2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball this past week and upset a few people in the process. There were those who were looking for numbers but couldn't find any, those who appear to be upset that the 00s mean nothing anymore, and yet others who question why Topps gave Gary Sanchez the un-retired card #7 in flagship. I could list many, many other complaints- but we have only 4 days until its release, and I doubt I'd have time to list all of them.

My wife and daughter were gone for the better part of this past week, which meant a lot of extra time on my hands each evening. Man must eat, so there was dinner, with episodes of Big Love on Amazon Prime thrown in. The rest of the time was spent with cards. YAY! Amid the number of hobby-related activities were collating cards, listing cards on Sportlots, blogging and updating my want lists.

The want lists are still far from completion; I have a few lists on my Google spreadsheet that I need to clean up by removing inserts that I am missing. I had the best of intentions in wanting to put together master sets but have come to realize that it's only a pipe dream. Time, money and space (the 'BIG THREE' in collecting obstacles) play a part in that decision. Inserts from the 90s would be do-able but master sets are becoming more of a behemoth, and after looking at the checklist for '17 Topps... forget it. Plus, I still have a desire to put together Topps NFL sets from the 80s-early 90s, as well as a few NBA sets, which would not be possible if I were to continue down the master path.

Anyway- checklists, er, want lists...  what better way to stay organized, become more efficient in time spent on the Hobby, and keep myself accountable to the goals I set?

As I mentioned, I have been using Google spreadsheets for a couple of years- and will continue to do so- but am also in the process of writing my want lists on recipe cards. I find it easier to use something like that while searching out cards on Sportlots, COMC or eBay. I have a recipe card box that I have used for a few years with all of my contacts for trading, etc. and it makes sense to use it for my lists, as well. The spreadsheet will be more useful for accessing at card shows, so I'll continue updating them as I need to. I might also go back to having a page on the blog dedicated to want-lists, instead of linking the page to my Google Docs page. Hopefully any potential traders will find it easier to use rather than trying to navigate through a bunch of sheets.

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