Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Card Show #2

As I mentioned in my last post, I learned about this past weekend's card show only a few days before it took place. But like they say, better late than never. Thankfully I didn't have anything scheduled.

My primary goal going into this show was to find some additions to my Topps Seahawks team sets, as well as some cheap Griffeys. Because of the sheer number of cards produced of The Kid, I never started a PC of the recent HOF inductee.  I have recently decided to target certain cards of Junior to add to my collection; nothing big- more like oddballs and some of the earlier base set cards. To accomplish these two goals I turned to two-bit boxes (that's a quarter, for you young kids) as well as dime-boxes.

The top three cards were not found in the discount bins, but were purchased from the same fellow I bought the '83 Kelloggs set from. I'm still looking for the other two Griffey '91 Mothers Cookies- contact me if you have any.

More odd-ball goodness. There are quite a few other Pepsi Griffey father/son cards out there and they will be added to my want list, as well. Pocket schedules are another thing I'm adding to my collection.

These two '87 30th Anniversary cards were traded to me for the seven or so cards my friend needed for his set. I was seriously thinking about putting the whole set together, until I realized that there will be another 100 in Series 2 and then who knows how many in Update. Think I'll just pick up certain cards of guys I like.

Not only did I pick up a lot of cards for my Seahawks Topps team sets (not shown here), but I also added quite a few to my Legends collection.

Jeff Bryant and Jacob Green were two of my favorite Seahawks from the 80s and allow me to get a sampling of many of those late 80s/early 90s sets...

There was also this:

 Not a legend (far from it!) but just some dude that was a major bust.

Another of my favorites- Curt Warner.

A few of the Topps cards I picked up. Most others were late '00s-'15. Gotta show the vintage ones!

And closing it out... another 'Non-Legend'. Gotta show the Boz.

If for no other reason than that rattail.

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  1. That Curt Warner/John L. Williams card is AWESOME! Can't believe I've never seen it before.