Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Just What I Need: More Cardboard Collections

I'm beginning to wonder if I need a cardboard counselor. You see, from time to time I get confused about just who I am as a collector. Am I a team collector? A set collector? A player collector?

I'm most definitely not a player collector- well, there is my Dale Murphy collection. But I don't identify as a player collector. At times, I'm a set collector. At other times, those sets take a back seat to team collecting- that's the pattern I've had in the past, at least.

Well, my collector identity has taken another turn and I've decided to add more to my cardboard collection. This time it's Seattle Mariner cards. More specifically, flagship Topps (base and inserts) and Upper Deck (flagship base and possibly inserts), with the goal of putting together team sets.

Another collector who is also tough to pin down (as far as collecting interests) is Colbey over at Cardboard Collections. Colbey collects the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves, Charlotte Hornets, Non-Sports, and even collects Ray Ordonez. Not only does the man collect sports cards, but toys as well. You can see his blog for that here.

Anyway, I reached out to Colbey on Facebook (he has a public group on there for sports card bloggers) because I had a number of 2017 cards he needed for his set. I saw some of my wants/needs on his trade bait page and we agreed upon a trade.

While I have completed my 2017 Series 1 set, I was still needing to complete my Mariners (base) team set- these 4 cards from Colbey helped me accomplish that. Now all I need to do is find some of those inserts!

Speaking of inserts....

Two of the greatest DH's of all-time. You can add the Big Hurt to that list. Really glad that Ortiz is done- sick of hearing about him. Hopefully Topps won't continue its infatuation with the retired Sox slugger. With all the talk of him being Hall Bound, all I can say is...Edgar better get there first. And all the signs point to it happening within two years.

Another future Hall of Famer. I love watching Robbie play- the dude is so smooth in the field and has a beautiful swing (can you say Griffey Jr?). Was thinking this was going to be featuring Cano as a Mariner. Maybe I should do a cut-and-paste job on the card? I joke.

Thanks again for the trade, Colbey! I hope you're able to find the remaining cards for your set.

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